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Air Freight is expensive and there should be no compromise on quality. You value your client and the your product. The transport of your valuable product should meet the same quality standards. The point here is NOT the ISO quality benchmarks, on the contrary practical points that are utilised to move the freight. The importance here is not of getting the freight to the client but HOW will it get there. SUPATH Air Freight tries to give you as much information as possible and all from reality.

Flow of Information

In the unbroken span of thirteen years in air freight, I can say without doubt that one of the major points that was ignored was the flow of information. Right from the customised declaration to the final processing of the goods at the airport of arrival, the key role is played by information.

Telephone, email and fax (pity it is still being used!) are all vital lines. VOIP is, unfortunately, not a favourite choice. One of the reasons quoted is that of security.


Placing an order does not mean the end of the operations process. The seller might have questions, the buyer might have enquiries. Changes might be needed in the order. Email is, no doubt, the easiest way to communicate them. However, the addressee may be facing computer problems such as server failure, crashes, non-availability of lines etc. Fax comes handy, because a transmission failure will be received immediately. A short telephone call will help. Motto: Keep the lines open. Communication must be possible.


Abide by the rules of packaging (ISPM 15, IPPC logo). Does the country of destination demand a Non-Wood Packing Declaration? or a Fumigation Certificate? If recycled packaging is used, remove old barcode and air freight labels! If cartons are being used, make sure they are sturdy. All holes and cracks must be secured. Any opening will be classified as “Packaging Prone to Manipulation” leading to rejection of freight or repackaging measures. This means not only cost but also time lost.

Shipper and Consignee addresses have to be clearly mentioned on the packaging. Avoid small print. Warehouse staff have very less time. Enough room should be available for airfreight labels. If documents are being attached to the outside of the consignment, the affixing must be quite sturdy and resistant to being ripped off. Shipments are placed as close together as possible to save  space and moving the freight might result in documents being lost


First question: Does the country of destination stipulate that the original documents accompany the goods? If yes ; please check the regulations; please do not ignore it. Ignoring that will create extreme difficulties for your client.

Send high quality scanned documents via email or even by FTP. Include ALL the documents


Shipper : make sure the consignment leaves your warehouse with a clean receipt. No damage receipt should be maintained.

Consignee: make sure the content received is free from any visible damage

If, during delivery, freight shows signs of damage, document it (photographs with date and time), the air way bill number should be visible on the photos (all freight pieces will have air freight labels attached).


NEVER forget! The driver picking up or delivering the goods must be made to sign a receipt. That should include the vehicle registration, the printed name of the driver, the delivery company, the delivery / pick up time and date.

Claims and Intend to Claim

Do not ask the shipper to table a claim immediately after receiving the freight. A freight with visible damage will NOT be accepted by any airline for transportation. A damage can occur in the warehouse of the airline or at the airport of destination. Send a letter of liability to the freight forwarder that delivered the goods. The lorry company is not the company to be held liable by you. The freight forwarder has sub-contracted the delivery. So the letter of claim should be addressed to the freight forwarder who ordered the delivery of the goods.


Please ask. SUPATH has a solution to almost every solution

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