Air Freight : Do It Right

Tweet SUPATH FREIGHT SEO Introduction Air Freight is expensive and there should be no compromise on quality. You value your client and the your product. The transport of your valuable product should meet the same quality standards. The point here is NOT the ISO quality benchmarks, on the contrary practical points that are utilised to … Read more

Air Freight: What You Need To Know

TweetSUPATH International Air Freight Consultant Introduction Air freight mode of transport is fast but expensive but in a fast-moving world  there is no other faster mode of transport . Businesses must be fast in getting their freight to their clients. Unless sea freight has been mentioned explicitly air freight remains the popular mode of transport … Read more

How to Ship Large Freight By Air?

TweetIntroduction: Large Freight Here is a very touching video. This is not only about freight but about a loving heart. It is meant to show large freight is possible on smaller aircraft. Commercial transport of oversized freight is, however, done in a completely different way . Courtesy David Gates We salute you Gary Roberts for your big … Read more

Air Freight – To Consolidate or not?

Tweet SUPATH International Air Freight Consultant Introduction Almost every importer has faced the situation, mentioned in the title, and many took a decision without thinking much about the term consolidation and/or how it functions. Economy moves fast and every company needs to keep pace with its high-speed. As technology grows, so do the demands. Especially … Read more