Air Freight Services – About Me

Air Freight Export Services – About me


I am a professionally trained and experienced freight forwarder in the air freight line. In a span of 14 years, I  have helped move tonnes of freight to over 38 destinations around the world (all the continents), managed technology road show logistics to and fro. Air freight export services are my speciality.

  • Belly freight
  • main deck freight
  • specialised cargo
  • dangerous goods
  • emergency freight
  • unpacked heavy weight cargo
  • time-definite cargo
  • critical door delivery  services (door-to-door)
  • international freight co-ordination
  • managing interaction with international freight agents.
  • Are you sourcing materials from any part of the world other than than you own country?
  • Communicating, co-ordinating, ordering wares, raw materials
  • Dealing with customs, procedures, thinking about air freight, importing etc?
  • Bogged down in communication, information, procedures?
  • Don’t have the time to go through all that?
  • Getting tired of endless communication with various parties?

Air freight export services can be offered almost under one roof.Especially language problems can be set to rest and that is a big help.

Special Services Ex Germany – 1

International Technology Roadshow management (logistics and air freight).  The complete end to end organisation and management of 6600 Kg of technology equipment for a renowned IT Concern. The services included  Customs processing (clearance and processing), logistics, negotiation, air freight, road transport and documentation

Special Services – Sector:

  • Europe :
    Czech Republic
  • Middle East : Dubai
  • Africa :
    Cape Town
  • Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul)
  • Morocco (Casablanca)

Special Services 

Special Services Ex Germany – 2

Sensitive and highly expensive electronic equipment, requiring export permit.


You may get in touch with me through the form below. Send me approximately the requirements you have and we can iron out the details. CAUTION: The final decision rests with you and after getting the information you need from me, you should talk to your freight agent to finalise your contract.  The mode of transport for discussion will be air freight.

Your request for air freight service should contain the following information

  • Location of the freight
  • Type of freight (Machinery, machinery parts, etc)
  • Dangerous goods?
  • Incoterms : EXW,FCA,DAP,DDP etc
  • Type of packaging (Pallet, carton, crate)
  • Wooden packaging? If yes, IPPC stamp?
  • outer dimensions with unit (cm, in)
  • Total gross weight with unit (kg, lbs)
  • Top-load ok? (stackable?)


air freight export services

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