International Air Freight: Shipping Industrial Goods by Air

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Air Freight: Forwarding Industrial Goods by Air

You wish to transport your industrial goods by air? You want your products to reach the consignee early? Then this is the website for you. You might or might not know much about air cargo. That is not a shortcoming. You are just a message away. This website is all about international air freight.

Passenger aircraft or dedicated freighter or charter flight: you have the choice

Your requirement will decide the air service you need for the transport.Is your cargo over 160 cm in height (62.9 inches)? A freighter is needed. Of course the length, width and weight do matter. You have an extremely urgent freight and you are pressed for time? If you air cargo is a small carton, an on-board courier service could be the right choice. You might even want to charter a small aircraft. All the possibilities are there.

Dangerous Goods Air Cargo

You are not sure about the type of cargo? You think your freight might be classified as Dangerous Goods? Do not assume. You will get the necessary guidance.

Documentation, Handling Processes, Customs Procedures

Put together all the documentation you have got. Note down the time frame within which you need the effective delivery to the consignee to be done. Then get in touch and you will be guided.

Not sure about documentation?

Absolutely no problem. Keep the description of goods ready (For what will the products be used? Electrical requirements? Magnetised materials? Chemicals involved? Type of packaging? External dimensions) and get in touch. You will receive guidance backed by more than twenty years of experience.

Are you a freight forwarder searching for an air freight processing software that is simply fast?

Even in this case you have reached the right place. Please proceed to ELLIPTIA.

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