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Introduction: Air Freight, Airlines and Freight Forwarders

Air freight points to speed and fast processing. Your cargo needs to fly on time to arrive on time. Freight forwarders and airlines are your partners and you can certainly help them in getting your freight flown on time. A freight forwarder can give better services, when you as his customer helps him out with information and by keeping to certain rules.



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Air Freight Packaging

Strong and sturdy.

If wood is used please make sure it is treated and carry the IPPC logo.

No holes or openings in the packaging.

If pallets are used, strap the freight to the pallet using straps. Try to avoid overhang

Shipper, consignee details to pasted and waterproofed. Airlines do take care of your shipment, but additional care from your end is always good.

Remove any old labels or addresses.

Dangerous Goods are to be packaged and documented only by certified persons!

The freight forwarder is duty bound to run an inspection of the freight and see if there are packaging defects.

Dec 29, 2011 … An international freight forwarder is an agent for the exporter in moving cargo to an overseas destination. These agents are familiar with the …


Dangerous Goods

Use a professional packaging company.

Shipper’s Declaration is to be checked against a checklist before passing it on to a forwarder. Remember: zero tolerance for errors. Safety comes first.

Do not use ISO country codes, write them in the standard way.

Do not forget signature and date. Only certified persons may sign DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration).

Always give the freight forwarder a minimum of three originals DGD  (some airlines demand three. Standard is two).

Recheck  means you will pay extra fees. So try to be 100% correct.

Dangerous Goods consignments have no confirmed bookings.


Customs and Documents

Complete documentation to be handed over to the freight forwarder.

If you have sent important documents via courier, please inform the freight forwarder

Please give the forwarder with copies of the invoices and other important documents. This will help the forwarder to process the file faster. If  the freight forwarder has to copy all the documents, he is losing time. When the air cargo agent loses time, he cannot tender the consignment to the airline on time.


Pick Up and haulage

Please advise the complete details to the forwarder at least one day in advance

Never forget the following

  • Dimensions: always in Length x Width x Height
  • Please mention the unit (cm or in)
  • Pick up time frame
  • Pick up location
  • Destination
  • Incoterms: Please use the official format. For example, do not mention just FCA. Is it FCA, factory or is it FCA, airport of departure?
  • If you are using DAP as terms, please specify, “excluding customs clearance” or “including customs clearance”
  • Mention “stackable” or “not Stackable” on both the SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instructions) and on the freight. Airlines cannot guess.

Large freight

  • If consignment is more than 10000 (ten thousand) kilogram, please do not enclose the freight in a crate! Airlines cannot know what is inside (risk)
  • Have the cargo inspected (Please keep the freight neutral! no consignee name to be attached to the freight)
  • Please remember, a wooden flooring will go under the freight. Metal on metal is not permissible on aircraft.
  • No loose materials to be left in the freight.
  • Crane : if cranes are needed, please provide rings and hooks for hoist chains and slings.
  • Pressure Chambers (chambers that control pressure) are usually classified as dangerous goods. Separate them!
  • If the freight is for nose load (Boeing 747) 249 cm is the maximum permissible height.


Helping forwarders and airlines will help get your freight to the destination on time. Small things do matter. Contact details are to be made available on the documentation and  on the freight, if possible. Help airlines and forwarders to move air freight efficiently and faster.

Questions About Air Freight

Please ask and I shall try to be of help.

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