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Air freight offers the best service for a fast-moving world and is often the first choice when it comes to an emergency. Emergency Freight can be anything from machine parts,  blood bags or even organs for transplantation, to vital supplies for a fast moving industry project moving . Generally speaking, there is almost no limitation to transporting freight, for example  large vehicles and even helicopters.

The most critical element in  emergency transport is unbroken co-ordination


A concrete Example


My customer’s branch in the US sold a very high-profile and expensive machine (priced over a million dollar limit). The deed of sale was signed, the date of handing over the machine was fixed and the papers were all signed and kept ready for the final day. Three days before the deadline, my customer in Germany called me and told that a piece of freight (about 17 kg) MUST arrive in the US factory, within 48 hours. Reason being an existing part in the US machine had broken down and had to be replaced urgently with one from Germany. Until the replacement part arrived, the machine was unable to be delivered, resulting in a breach of contract.

Preparation and Execution

  • Customer finished the packaging very fast.
  • Export Papers were made ready
  • Pick up from shipper’s location: dedicated vehicle
  • Consignment was booked on Lufthansa TD FLASH service
  • I arranged for a “wheels-up-clearance” in the US along with dedicated transport
  • Bond for clearance already arranged
  • Air Way Bill printed before arrival of  the driver
  • Airline informed of freight arriving
  • Final Export Clearance executed
  • Air freight agent in the US notified. All the documents sent by email to help prepare the customs entry
  • Freight delivered to airline
  • Shipper is kept informed of progress
  • 36 hours later the customer in the US signs off the receipt of the consignment

Defining the Requirements

  • Prioritise: Time frame, speed, costs, probable losses, probably gains
  • Services to be put in place
  • Local transport needs
  • Freight Co-ordination
  • After sales service

The air freight agent will take care of the bookings and the transport.  Consignee must arrange the import clearance. In the US: single entry bond or continuous bond! A continuous bond will take time. So you may have to use a single entry bond if you do not have a continuous bond in place.

Never use freight consolidation! Use a direct flight! Ask for a copy of the air way bill, get hold of light details. If the consignment is EXTREME HIGH PRIORITY demand Lufthansa Flash or if the priority is higher than that demand an on board courier. Expensive, but effective.A person will actually fly with the consignment and get the freight through customs and to you. Possible only for small freight, which can be carried as cabin luggage!. No dangerous goods can be transported this way.

Extremely Large Emergency Freight

Charter! Special equipment! A picture will explain what is possible. Here is the Beluga, also called Super Guppy. An Aircraft that can carry extremely large consignments.

Nose Load: Boing 747


Antonov 124

The Beluga. Courtesy Wiki Commons

Super Guppy



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