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Fast, efficient and expensive are the three terms that qualify the phrase air cargo. The last word is the first one that comes to mind, but delays in a business can cause loss of revenue and loss of business. Meticulous organisation will save time, money, energy and efforts.

Timing : A Vital Factor In Air Cargo

Take into account manufacturing delay. How much time will be required to produce the ordered goods, or how long would you have to wait for getting the goods delivered by your vendor. Consider possible delays such as holidays.


air cargo




Always remember the using wood in packaging (and that involves dunnage) will mean more points to be checked. The wood should be IPPC certified, the logo has to be visible on the outside.

Cartons should be strong enough to withstand handling procedures. Contents should be packaged in such a way as to avoid wobbling. Any movement of the content means there is s risk of damage..

Packages loaded atop pallets should be within the inner area of the pallet. Overhang (cartons occupying an area bigger than the carrier pallet) is a potential risk (damage due to freight adjustments). Overhang also causes increase in volume (freight occupies more room).

If pallets are used for carrying the package, the former should have a strip of wood on which the chocks (the “feet”) of the pallet rest. This will help to distribute the weight of the consignment equally (floor load tolerance limit)

If  you think that the consignment might suffer damage , when weight is loaded on top, attach a label NO TOP LOAD or NOT STACKABLE to on the top side of the package.


Air cargo warehouses and freight forwarders handle innumerable consignments in a day. Human beings are prone to error and measures to prevent mistakes being made is a pertinent point. Shipper and consignee details are to attached, as far as possible, to the same side of the freight.

Special handling labels  such as FRAGILE, DO NOT THROW, DO NOT DROP are to be attached to more than one side.


Dangerous goods : Double check the Shipper’s Declaration for typing errors! Similarly check the packages: UN Number, technical name, quantity etc.

Have you checked with your consignee on the documents he needs for clearing the consignment through customs?

Do you have all the required documents? Have you checked the number of copies (at least 3 copies each of invoices and packing lists)

Clear electronic copies of all your documents on hand?

Air cargo being a fast mode transport, the documents are to be transferred to the consignee/freight forwarder using email or FTP.


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Contact Details

Email addresses, telephone numbers (alternate telephone numbers), fax numbers, mobile numbers are to be collected and listed

Contact details to be mentioned on your SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instructions).

Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarder to be advised preferable one day in advance

Time window  to be provided. Freight forwarders need  enough time to pick up the consignment (delays can occur due to various reasons)

Keep the information line open!  Communication is vital to air cargo.


Inform the consignee of

the flight details

the pick up, when done

the documents handed over to the freight forwarder


Your freight forwarder may have questions that come up due to customs inspection. Be available to avoid any delay. Only you can answer the questions that are about the contents of the package.

Track and Trace

Almost all the air freight consignments can be tracked via the internet. Every major airline has a tracking possibility made available on their websites.  Ask your freight forwarder to inform you. A simple search in a search engine using the words ” <name of airline> cargo track and trace” will give you the link. Air cargo without a track and trace possibility is unthinkable in today’s freight forwarding world

Resources Centre

Please get in touch using the contact form below. However, your freight forwarder remains the most important point of contact for you


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