Air Freight – The High Speed Mode of Moving Cargo

Air Cargo: Moving Fast

Air freight is the need of the hour, when speed of transport has priority. Orders need to dispatched fast and effectively in order to reach the consignee in the shortest possible time.

Shortest Route

Fly the cargo to meet tight schedules thereby avoiding a breach of contract. You wish to get the ordered items to your customer within the shortest possible time and if possible via the shortest possible route. This mode reduces the distance between two points by  using direct flights.

Transit Mode – When No Direct Flight Is Available

Your products are produced, for example, in  the UK, and they need to be flown to Moscow.  At the time of the placement of order, let us say, there is no direct flight from the UK to Russia. The goods can be flown to Germany, processed by the German Customs as transit goods using a new Air Waybill of an airline flying to Moscow. The goods will not be removed from the customs surveillance and will continue on their journey to Moscow.

Mission Critical : Emergency Transport

Production crisis due to machinery failure can cause a huge loss. Spare parts need to be brought in to avert a greater crisis. Air freight offers the best solution. Many airlines offer specialised products such as Td-Flash.

Heavy Engineering Goods

Large machinery that are needed urgently are transported by air, because ocean freight needs longer time. For such goods either a standard freighter service is used or depending on the emergency an aircraft is chartered. Extremely large machines (height of more than 250 cm ) will need special aircraft. A freight 7 meters long might need a Boeing 747 freighter with a nose-load possibility.


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