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Unitised Cargo – 4 AVA LD3 Val

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The last article on unitised cargo was about the AKW LD3-45 . Commercial cargo and passenger luggage are transported using containers and pallets, as these ULDs (Unit Load Devices) provide a very good method of organising freight in modules designed for loading into aircraft. The staff involved in organising the movement of cargo at airport has only a limited time on their hands making time management a very high priority factor in their routine work. Unitised cargo gives them the possibility to manage that time, thereby helping the tight time schedules to be maintained well.

AVA LD3 Val Container

Just as the AKW LD3-45 the AVA LD3 can be used for transporting valuable cargo and possibility for locking the container is provided. AVA LD3 is also a contour container, which means that its construction on side corresponds to the contour of the aircraft. While AKW is used for narrow body aircraft the AVA is used in wide body planes and has slightly different dimensions. AVA containers are constructed to transport garments. This is the major difference when compared to the AKE container. AVA can be loaded into Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft (wide body)

AVA LD3 Val Container

  • Suitable for : cargo in cartons and garments. Palletised cargo is to be avoided. Valuable cargo : container can be locked
  • Standard name : AVA LD3 . The term Valuable is added, and the container can be locked and secured, which is a mandatory condition.
  • Synonyms : Pod, can
  • IATA Specification : AVA LD3 contour container
  • Door Size : Width  150 cm x Height  141 cm
  • Maximum Load Volume : approx. 4.3 cbm (cubic meters)
  • Maximum Weight Tolerance (tie-down slots):907 Kg
  • Inner Dimension : Length 146 cm x Width 144 cm x Height 160 cm
  • Maximum Permissible Payload: 1588 Kg
  • Aircraft : (wide body) Airbus: A330, A340 and A380 . McDonnell Douglas : MD 11 freighter . Boeing: B747, 767 and B777 (bother passenger and freighter)

Advice To Exporters

  • Packaging should be secure. Protection against manipulation should be provided (seal any opening)
  • If pallets are needed, please use, hard board pallets. Secure using straps (cross strapping). Straps should prevent cargo from moving on the pallets.
  • No overhang on pallets
  • Inner packaging to be packaged tight (no wobbling of contents). Joints and slits to be sealed. Please inform the freight forwarder about any special handling requirements. If the consignment is valuable cargo, packaging should be able to withstand any kind of handling
  • Insurance cover: A freight forwarder has to be given written instruction to provide your freight with insurance cover. Instruction on telephone alone will not suffice. A copy of the letter is to be filed. Do not forget to include your request for insurance on the SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instructions). If freight is to return to the exporting country, please manage your customs papers! Your freight forwarder will inform you about actions to be taken.
  • Freight forwarder will need to know the value of the consignment (valuable content)
  • Certain valuable cargo will be picked up and transported using dedicated vehicles.

Resources Centre

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