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Unitised cargo is used not only for general consolidation but also for specialised goods. In daily transport of commercial cargo, industrial goods and passenger luggage are carried in containers, as these ULDs (Unit Load Devices) provide an optimised method of organising freight in modules designed for usage in aircraft. Time management is a critical factor in the airline business and optimising handling, loading, reporting  etc is unavoidable. Unitised cargo is here to stay and is an invaluable help for all the airlines.

AKW LD3-45 Valuable Cargo Container

AKW LD3-45 Valuable Cargo Container is the same as the one described in Unitised Cargo -2 . The difference here is the modification done to the container to carry cargo having a very high value. In the codes used by airline such cargo is denoted by the term VAL

Such valuable cargo has to be transported in a highly secure way. Safety measures are given high priority for valuable cargo. At times, the consignment has to be insured at a high rate. The freight forwarder needs to take special precautions during transporting to the airline. The air way bill (AWB) has to show the cargo is valuable.

Cargo classified as VAL will be transported in an LD3 class, AKH container. The specifications are the same as that of the AKE-LD3 45

AKW LD3-45 Container (Air Freight Container)

  • Suitable for : cargo in cartons. Palletised cargo is not recommended. Valuable cargo will usually be secured with red sealing wax
  • Standard name : AKW LD3-45 . The term Valuable is added and the container can be locked and secured.
  • Synonyms : Pod, can
  • IATA Specification : Full width (AKE LD3-Lightweight is half width), double contoured (both sides with contour), narrow body  A320 family
  • Door Size : Width  142 cm x Height  103 cm
  • Maximum Load Volume : approx. 3.6 cbm (cubic meters)
  • Maximum Weight Tolerance (tie-down slots):907 Kg
  • Inner Dimension : Length 146 cm x Width 144 cm x Height 111 cm
  • Maximum Permissible Payload: 1134 Kg
  • Aircraft : Airbus A319,  A320 (short-haul aircraft )

Advice To Exporters

  • Use safe and secure packaging. Protection against manipulation should be included
  • If pallets are needed, please use, hard board pallets. Secure using straps (cross strapping)
  • No overhang on pallets
  • Inner packaging to be packaged tight (no wobbling of contents). Joints and slits to be sealed. Please inform the freight forwarder about any special handling requirements.
  • Insurance cover: A freight forwarder has to be given written instruction to provide your freight with insurance cover. Instruction on telephone alone will not suffice. A copy of the letter is to be filed. Do not forget to include your request for insurance on the SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instructions)
  • Freight forwarder will need to know the value of the consignment (valuable content)
  • Certain valuable cargo will be picked up and transported using dedicated vehicles.

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This is not a VAL container. The video shows how the loading of a container into an aircraft is carried out.


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