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Why Unitised Cargo

Although over the years aircraft design has improved, there are still space limitations that demand optimising freight space. There is a very limited amount of non-stretchable space on aircraft which calls for optimised plans for freight. Not every exporter is well-trained in preparing goods for air freight. The result is goods packaged in vulnerable materials, thus making both the packaging and the content prone to damage. Reused cartons can prove to be too weak to hold the contents in place, leading to spillage and resulting extra work for which there very lass time set aside in cargo planning.

Not all flights fly directly to the destination, thus making a landing at a transit airport to either refuel or to let the passengers to continue their journey on a connecting flight. This means the luggage need to be transferred within a short time frame without sending them on the wrong route.  Additionally, commercial freight travelling as belly freight has to be transferred, too. The limited time available to the staff, the large number of luggage and the amount of freight all need to be streamlined to cause as less delay as possible for the smooth functioning of flight schedules.

This is where unitised cargo proves its efficiency. Freight is not simply loaded on to an aircraft, but planned and arranged in s systematic way, which takes in safety of the freight and the flight, maximisation of the freight space and make freight transfer from cargo hold to the freight terminal or from aircraft to aircraft as smooth as possible

Short Haul Flights – Narrow Body Aircraft

The AKH LD3-45 air freight container is used in narrow body aircraft. Standard use is in Airbus short-haul planes A319, A320 and A321. Without going to technical details, we can have a look at the Airbus 320, which is commonly used in short-haul flight.

  • Forward Cargo Compartment ( 3 containers)
  • Aft Cargo compartment (4 containers)
  • Bulk Cargo Compartment ( only bulk cargo)

 AKH LD3-45 Container (Air Freight Container)

  • Suitable for : cargo in cartons. Palletised cargo is not recommended
  • Standard name : AKH LD3-45
  • Synonyms : Pod, can
  • IATA Specification : Full width (AKE LD3-Lightweight is half width), double contoured (both sides with contour), narrow body  A320 family
  • Door Size : Width  142 cm x Height  1403 cm
  • Maximum Load Volume : approx. 3.6 cbm (cubic meters)
  • Maximum Weight Tolerance (tie-down slots):907 Kg
  • Inner Dimension : Length 146 cm x Width 144 cm x Height 111 cm
  • Maximum Permissible Payload: 1134 Kg
  • Aircraft : Airbus A319,  A320 (short-haul aircraft )

Advice To Exporters

  • Use only cartons
  • If pallets are needed, please use, hard board pallets. Secure using straps (cross strapping)
  • No overhang on pallets
  • Inner packaging to be packaged tight (no wobbling of contents). Joints and slits to be sealed

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Here is a beautiful video where you can the process of loading  A320

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