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The Ivory Trade – Ivory Trafficking

the ivory trade
World Wildlife Fund
Man’s greed for the exotic and the beautiful has led to terrible attacks on the natural bounty. Ivory has been a fascination for thousands of years,  but modern man has been active in systematically destroying nature. The ivory trade has  reduced the international elephant population.
the ivory trade
In 1979 there were an estimated 1.3 million African elephants. A decade later, widespread poaching
had reduced that figure by more than half. Just 600,000 African elephants remained. — Bloody Ivory Org
There was a time, when piano keys were made from ivory but in the 70s the piano industry abandoned the practice. Africa and Asia were the two largest areas on our planet, where this trade flourished and even today, it is continuing. Although organisations have come up to protect the elephants, the mindless poaching and trading continues. The photo below shows a shocking example of what man can do.
the ivory trade
Hong Kong government ‘aiding and abetting’ illegal ivory trade, say 50 wildlife groups. Courtesy
China has been accused of playing a major role in illegal ivory trade.  The booming e-commerce  has given birth to many websites offering illegal products in this category. The British organisation  TRAFFIC highlighted this in their report.  According the report more than half of the illegal products offered consist of ivory items . The organisation has also reported a trebling of the number of ivory items for sale in Thailand. TRAFFIC has been monitoring the ivory trade there.

The number of worked ivory products found for sale rose from 5,865 in January 2013 to 14,512 by May this year,
while between January and December 2013, the number of ivory retail outlets rose from 61 to 105.  TRAFFIC Report 2014

 The World Wild Life Fund is one of the major organisations working to protect and conserve animals the world over. It has been active in Thailand, working to awaken public opinion against the ivory trade.

The most recent development in the campaign against the ivory trade is the announcement by Thai Airways International to fight this evil, by co-operating closely with the Thai customs authority. A welcome development in the international fight against the evil of ivory trade.


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