Kerala – Athirappally Waterfalls


Athirappally is a name with a magic because it is a gem within a gem called Kerala. Draped in a lush green silk, God’s Own Country, Kerala, the state on the south west coast of India is a paradise on earth. The first state in India with the lowest birth rate, one of the best in communal harmony, the hightest literacy rate, Kerala is blessed with a natural beauty of the highest level. The west is protected by the arabian sea and the east by the mountain ranges called the western ghats. The finest spices, such as cardamom, black pepper, mace, cinnamon etc. come from this blessed paradise.


Thrissur, historically called Thrissivaperur; in English Trichur; is the cultural capital of Kerala. This city is famous for one of the most ancient temples, dedicated to the God Siva, in the state. In the centre of the city, on a small mount, the temple stands in all its majestic glory, facing another renowned temple, Paramekkavu. It is here, the world renouned Thrissur pooram (the festival of Thrissur) takes place.  In front of this temple, on the green meadow, every year, in the month of April 30 caparisoned elephants and more than a hundred percussionists gather, along with more than a hundred thousand spectators, to host this famous temple festival.

Athirappally Waterfalls

Not far from the city of Thrissur, the famous peaceful Chalakkudy River, meandering through lush green areas, passing by tall coconut palms kissing the skies takes on the form of a turbulent one, frothing around huge rocks to finally give us a majestic display of  a 24 meter high waterfall.

Lush green plants and trees lend the landscape a beauty and charm of its own and the area is home to one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the state. Wildlife thrives here in the blissful surroundings. Dubbed as the Niagara Falls of India, Athirappally waterfall is a three pronged one and attracts tourists from far and wide. A visit to Kerala is definitely not complete without a trip to Athirappally. A visit in the monsoon season is especially beautiful, even if the travelling is not so easy. During this season from June to August, the nature dons a very rich green silk, pleasing to the eye. The monsoon rain is an experience by itself.

Athirappally view during Monsoon. viewsindia athirappallyCREATIVE COMMON LICENCE Courtesy: Mehul Antani


Courtesy: Binu S


Courtesy: Jinoy Johnson



Athirappally is not the only majestic experience in this beautiful state. New articles will show you more.



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