Jet Airways Foray Into Cargo World

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Jet Airways Into The World of Long Haul Cargo

The Indian economy is booming and the promising development, along with the support of the government; at least on the moral side; seems to have given the passenger airline the boost to step into the world of air cargo on a major scale. The Mumbai based airline claims to fly one of the youngest in the world.

Having started its role as an air taxi operator, with four B737-300 leased from Malaysia airlines (MH/232), Jet Airways (9w/589) has become a major passenger airline in India. It serves international routes, as well, and has a secondary hub in Brussels (BRU), the main hub being Mumbai (BOM)

The Fleet

Jet Airways has a  116 passenger aircraft and the new entry into the world of cargo will see a long haul plane;A330-200F (freighter configuration)  join the fleet. The leasing is from its business partner, Etihad (EY/607), the Abu Dhabi based airline. The only other airline that is dedicated to freight is Blue Dart, which however does not operate any long haul aircraft.


Jet Airways Fleet
Aircraft Number
B737-700 10
B737-800 60
B737-900 2
B737-900ER 4
B777-300 ER 10
ATR72-500 15
ATR72-600 3
A330-200 8
A330-300 4



Jet Airways and Etihad have been co-operating in passenger transport. The A330 freighter is being leased from Etihad, making Jet Airways the first major Indian airline entering the long haul freight market. This entry into the freight market will  offer a competition to Emirates (EK/176), the Dubai based airline, active in both passenger and cargo market.  Both Etihad and Emirates operate flights to India but the added freighter service should give a thrust to the air freight segment, especially from the domestic airline market.

Starting with one A330-200F, the airline will increase the number to three. The aircraft is a medium range one with a capacity for 65 tonnes for a range of 7400 Km. The construction allows for side-by-side loading of AKE/LD3 containers and 96 inch air freight pallets. The new service might prove to be a challenge for Blue Dart which operates smaller aircraft on domestic routes. It might also serve as a motivation to other airlines to start long haul services dedicated to freight.

More information on A330-200 can be had here.






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Jet Airways is a major Indian airline based in Mumbai. It is the second largest airline in India, both, in terms of market share and passengers carried, after IndiGo.

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