Air Cargo e-IFM and e-CCM Philippines

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Air Cargo eManifest Mandatory

Attention all Air Cargo Freight Forwarders.. If you are flying consolidated freight into Philippines, you are required to file two documents in advance:
Mandatory with effect from 11. May 2015. The rule comes into force vide Customs Memorandum Order 10-2015 issued by John Phillip P. Sevilla, Customs Commissioner

  1. e-IFM (electronic Inward Foreign Manifest)
  2. e-CCM (electronic Consolidation Cargo Manifest)

The rule has been brought into force by The Bureau of Customs and has been passed to take effect from the 11. May 2015 and any freight that arrives unmanifested will be subject to forfeiture under Section 2530 (F) of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines

Content And Applicability

The e-IFM should contain the list of the House Air Waybills (HAWB) and Master Airway Bills  of the air cargo arriving on a flight. All the data of the air cargo covered by the Master Airway Bills (MAWB) will be contained in the e-CCM

Every MAWB covering air cargo consigned to airlines,  air cargo forwarders, air express operators and cargo deconsolidators is subject to the above mentioned rule and an e-CCM is to be filed without delay.


If the airport of departure is in Asia the deadline is the upon arrival of the aircraft at the airport.  For all the flights departing from abroad (non-Asian countries) the deadline is four hours before landing.

If the e-IFM has been filed on time the e-CCM may be filed one hour after the arrival of the flight. For e-IFMs that have been filed late,  the corresponding e-CCM may be submitted within 24 hours of the e-IFM registration, in order to avoid penalty.

Penalty For Late Submission

Any late submission of e-IFM will invite a mandatory penalty of 10,000PHP (approximately 211EUR or 224USD). As mentioned above, any air cargo arriving unmanifested will be subject to forfeiture under Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (applicable section 2530(G) )


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